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Essential Steps to Building a Team of Freelancers

This guest post was written by Brittany Fisher from Financially Well.

The growing number of freelancers makes it easier for companies to target specialized workforces to fit specific job requirements. If you're looking at building a team of freelancers and wondering how to find them, pay them, and communicate with them, you're in the right place.

Sourcing Freelancers

So, where do you find them? You could browse professional networks such as LinkedIn or AngelList. Social media platforms like Facebook are an excellent way of sourcing freelancers, as is word of mouth. If you're looking for a freelancer from a specific country — the Dominican Republic, for instance — you could use online job boards like Guru, where you'll find great freelance talent from the country.

Qualities of a Freelancer

You should look out for certain personality traits among your potential freelancers. Some of these include:

  • Self-discipline. They'll need to remain focused on the job at hand and not be distracted by outside influences such as meeting up with friends or surfing the net.

  • Flexible. They should be able to adapt to working hours and project size, complexity, and variety.

  • Professionalism. They'll need to communicate well, keep promises, and meet deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Motivation. A motivated freelancer who rises to a challenge is more likely to have the necessary drive to succeed.

Manage Conversations in a Single Place

Make sure your team is clear on what their tasks involve. Give them as much information as possible. Be transparent on what's expected of them to avoid any miscommunication. To allow you and your freelancers to monitor tasks, you could use an all-in-one communication app that allows you to share ideas and make decisions.

Set Rules

When working with freelancers, set some ground rules. Ensure clear communication of project deadlines, expectations, budgets, and responsibilities. Make sure rules are defined from the onset so you and your team know where you stand.

Administrative Tasks

Before you start hiring, there are certain administrative tasks you'll need to take care of, such as budgeting and payment options. Something you could consider is forming a limited liability company (LLC). These offer more flexibility and limit your legal liability. There are also tax advantages to consider, such as avoiding double taxation, and you won't be constantly bogged down with paperwork. Be sure to check the rules in your state before going ahead, as they're not all the same. If you'd prefer someone else to do all the groundwork when setting up an LLC, avoid costly lawyer fees by using a formation service.


When paying your remote workers from around the world, you'll need to keep in mind that using typical payment platforms and international wire transfers can prove costly. Instead, use a money transfer service like Remitly, which is both reliable and cost-effective. When you use the service for the first time, you won't incur any fees.

Utilizing the Worldwide Talent Pool

Now that you're aware of how to find freelancers, communicate with them remotely, and pay them, as well as the attributes you should be looking for, it's time to take advantage of the substantial worldwide talent pool out there to build your freelancing team.

Brittany Fisher

Financially Well

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