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Small Business Spotlight: Michelle Turner of Remind + Inspire

Michelle is a member of the Business Boutique community, where women gain inspiration and practical wisdom on how to start, grow, and run a business. When we connected with Michelle through this community and learned more about her business, Remind + Inspire, we knew she deserved a feature! Michelle works hard to make her one-of-a-kind business stay true to its name, by reminding people of special moments in their lives and inspiring them through her creative use of their keepsakes.

Michelle, what's your background? Fill us in!

Thanks! I’m a mom who works full time in human resources. Over the past few years, as my daughter got older, I found myself with extra time. I started sewing as a way to fill that time and fell in love with it. Sewing has been a creative outlet for me.  What led you to start Remind + Inspire? 

As a mom of a teen, I had been holding onto a box of baby clothes that I couldn’t part with. When I looked over the clothes, I found myself smiling because it reminded me of how I felt when she wore them. I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could take that feeling with me throughout my day? I incorporated the clothes into a journal cover. It helped encourage me as I went after my dreams, and I wanted to give that same encouragement to other moms. I love your ability to bring together the old and the new. Do you have a story you can share with us about a particular client or product that really impacted you?

I created a journal cover for a mom from her daughter’s first birthday outfit. It’s such an honor to be trusted with items that hold so much meaning for someone. I love that she’ll have something to physically hold onto long after her daughter is grown.

What's one thing you're learning at this stage in your business?

Starting a business can be scary, but there are so many resources out there that can help you. Maybe you’re a creative and bookkeeping scares you. It’s nice that there are businesses like KORE Talents Consulting that can take that worry off your hands. Share about your podcast. What topics do you cover? 

I started my podcast because I know how hectic family life can be with kids in different activities, both parents working, etc. I wanted a place where moms could listen to a short clip and take away one simple idea to make memories with their family. So each week I share one quick activity families can do together over the weekend.  What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business?

Do one thing every day that gets you closer to achieving your dream. It could be anything from listening to a business podcast to going to a networking event. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a year by doing one thing every day.

And there you have it! Michelle's story is such a "feel-good story" because the foundation of her business is encouraging other moms. What a great way to find purpose and meaning in your work, all while doing something you love. I hope you found her story encouraging and that you'll do one thing every day to get closer to your dream!

Emily Kern


KORE Talents Consulting

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