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Small Business Spotlight: Samantha DuRietz of Sunset Sleep Consulting

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Where are my SLEEP lovers? As someone who relies on more sleep than the "average" person, I was very intrigued by Sam's business: sleep consulting. When we connected, I wanted to know her story. Here it is!

Sam, tell us about yourself! Where are you from, and what did you do before opening Sunset Sleep Consulting? Hi! My name is Sam and I’m from small town Southern Illinois. I have been a therapist working with individuals and families in mental heath for about 11 years now! I still provide therapy part time, and was able to open the doors to my virtual business last summer.  What inspired you to open Sunset Sleep Consulting?  After my second son was born, I was exhausted and my whole family was really struggling to get any sleep. I hired a Sleep Consultant and in less than a week, both of my sons began sleeping on their own and I was finally getting rest as well! It was the biggest game-changer and “aha!” moment! 

My family was already going through a lot of big changes with a new baby, and I’d been looking at ways to begin working from home to spend more time with my boys. I decided to look into what it would take to become a sleep consultant and continue helping people in this new way!  I truly didn’t understand how sleep deprived I had been until after we all started getting the rest we needed. I began studying like crazy and wanted to share this gift with other moms struggling with the same issues! What are some of the common challenges parents are facing when they come to you for help? Parents often are exhausted and have either tried everything, or don’t know where to even begin. Sleep training often has a reputation for making your baby “cry it out” but that is far from accurate. I actually don’t recommend cry it out techniques. There are lots of gentle methods to help babies learn independent sleep, and parents often are looking for more support and a concrete plan.  There can be a juggling act sometimes... trying to figure out, is your baby getting too much sleep, or not enough? Should you cap naps, or try to work on making them longer? Working with a trained professional can help parents resolve those issues without taking months with lots of extra tears and frustration What's one thing you're learning at this stage in your business? I’ve learned that when everything is important, nothing is important. It’s been so important for me to prioritize things and set up a solid foundation for a business that can scale, as opposed to worrying about what to post on social media one day. I continuously try to take a step back to look at the big picture, and how I can best help families, as opposed to getting more likes.

What are some of the "best kept secrets" when it comes to getting your baby to sleep? The best secret is that there are no secrets! If someone is trying to sell you a top secret sleep method, you’d better run in the other direction! Haha.  If you want to help your baby sleep, start by making it a priority. Learn your baby’s sleepy cues. Practice. Be consistent. Make bedtime a time that the whole family can enjoy and bond over. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business? Know your strengths and weaknesses! I am a helper. I’m not great at website development, or a lot of the tech stuff. I’ve taken 3 courses to help me with that side of things, and try to put my energy into leaning on my strengths.  As business owners, sometimes we want to do everything, and sometimes we have to do everything. I think it’s important to find balance, continue learning, and try not to get too frustrated when we don’t get something right the first time Any last words?

Follow your dreams and passion. Don’t let what other people may say or think stop you.  You may not get there over night, but when you continue to put your efforts into the things that you care about - you’ll reap the rewards you’re looking for! That can be said for building a business OR helping your child sleep!

Thanks, Sam!

If anyone is interested in learning more about sleep consulting, visit Sam's website at Happy sleeping!

Emily Kern


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