Achieve a Competitive Advantage with the Right People.

Recruiting Assistance for Small Businesses

Sifting through resumes and talking to unqualified candidates will not generate income.

Do you ever...

spend valuable time crafting and posting the perfect job description?

lose out on income-producing opportunities while sitting in interviews?

get lost in a sea of resumes?

need help from an HR professional?

Save your time and energy for the final stages of the interview process.

Your customized package could include:

Job Description Drafting

creating templates for your comprehensive job responsibilities


Resume Review

tell us what you're looking for and we'll only hand you those that meet your criteria

First-Round Phone Interviews

screening your candidates on your behalf


One-on-One Support from Human Resources professionals

our partnership with Higher International Human Resources gets you the customized support your business needs


Any Combination of Accounting, Marketing, and Operational Services

performing the essential business functions so you can focus on your talents

1) Get a Quote.     2) We get to work.     3) You reap the results.





Our KORE values will be front and center as we help you gain control and confidence. Small business owners are often overwhelmed by accounting, marketing, operations, and recruiting. These business functions are essential - yet they usually fall outside of the owners' expertise and take a lot of time. KORE Talents Consulting handles these functions so you can focus on your talents and get to the next level without sacrificing your sanity and work-life balance in the process.

We value knowledge - and that means you'll

benefit from our certifications:

Quickbooks Certified Proadvisor