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How to Choose a Bank for your
Small Business

"A certain account may seem right at the time but if your business increases in size you may outgrow it — without the ability to upgrade to a higher account.”

By: Wave


Better Money Talks With

Your Partner

"Since most of us aren’t taught finance in school, we tend to learn about money through the choices made in our families..."

By: Synchrony Bank

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Guest Post: What Businesses Should Look for in a Bank

"Without cash, there is no business. A bank will be a vital partner in your business and one that c an help or hinder your success, depending on who you choose..."

By: Mike Kern on Best Company


Payroll Terminology Every Employer Should Know

"The general ledger plays an important role to any payroll process for two main reasons [reporting and analysis]..."

By: Fit Small Business


Is it Too Early to Start Investing?

Financial Experts Weigh In

"...if your debt carries about the same interest rate as the average return on the market, then it makes a lot of sense to pay it off rather than invest."

By: Best Company


5 Steps to Starting a Business in a Few Hours

Regarding EIN: "This way you don't have to give out your Social Security number to other businesses when they ask for your W-9 form, which is requested when you're hired..."

By: US Chamber of Commerce


Dreaming of Early Retirement?

"[The Simple Path to Wealth] is a book that can change how you think about early retirement, investing, and help you course correct to make it an actual possibility..."

By: MarketWatch


5 Reasons You Should Not Delay Retirement

"Time is the most valuable asset anyone can ever have," Mike Kern, a certified public accountant based in South Carolina, tells Money Talk News. "I would encourage..."

By: Money Talk News


Money Lessons from Mom

"She taught me the importance of a minimalist lifestyle and living within your means. Although being frugal was important to her, so was being generous with others..."

By: Quickbooks


74 Million Americans Have More Credit Card Debt Than Savings

"You need to be tracking your actual income and expenses down to the penny," says Michael Kern, a CPA and founder at..."

By: The Simple Dollar


16 Quick Tips to Cut your Everyday Expenses

On choosing your grocery store wisely: "That doesn't seem like a ton of money when looking at one item, but Kern says it can add up to as much as $200 per month..."

By: Work and Money


Low Cost Business Ideas for New Entrepreneurs

On bookkeeping services: "Quickbooks has a quick and easy certification class called Quickbooks ProAdvisor that will teach you everything you need to know..."

By: Fit Small Business


What Do Accountants Do?

[Explained by 8 Accountants]

"When I tell people that I'm a CPA the very next question I always get is, "Can you do my taxes?!" The thing most people don't understand is that accountants do much more"

By: UpJourney


Don't Fall for These 5 Myths About Money

"Soft pulls are when you look at your credit score through a third-party app, like Credit Karma," says Michael Kern... "These types of credit checks have no impact on your..."

By: Acorns


7 Financial Literacy Rules that are Okay to Break

"Kern says that when you add up the mortgage, repairs, closing costs and insurance, it could end up being more than what you pay in rent. His advice? Rather than..."

By: Chime Bank


CPA Exam Application Process: What to Expect

"My advice to someone who is planning on taking the CPA exam is to get into a routine. This is a marathon not a sprint - you'll need to have a set time every day for hiding..."

By: Credit Donkey


8 Financial Lessons that Changed Lives

"...cutting $1 of expenses has more power than earning $1 of income. While both increasing your earnings and decreasing your expenses are things you should focus..."

By: OppLoans


Don't Fall for These 7 Common Credit Score Myths

"There are two types of credit checks - hard pulls and soft pulls," explains Michael Kern, a Certified Public Accountant and founder of [Talent Financial], a personal finance...

By: Apartment Therapy

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