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5 Reasons to Have a Task Management Tool

“How did it get late so soon?” - Dr. Seuss

Busyness tends to be something we all have in common. Whether it’s rushing kids from school to soccer practice or fighting through a never-ending “to do” list at the office, there never seems to be quite enough time to accomplish what we’d like to accomplish. In a society that values productivity, we're much more likely to add things to our plate than we are to remove things from it.

Even when we try to manage our time well, we simply have more to do than we can effectively get done without some organization. Task management tools offer the ability to organize, categorize, and prioritize your tasks in order to give you better control over “the day to day.” A task management tool can transform the way you approach your responsibilities. Here’s why:

1) It keeps you from relying on your memory.

Life is busy. Your brain can only handle so much information at once. When you keep your task management tool updated, you don’t have to keep up with every deadline, task, meeting, chore, and assignment in your head.

2) It relieves stress.

There’s something freeing about storing information in a safe, reliable place. Rather than countless sticky notes and “to do” lists that are hard to merge and prioritize, having everything organized in a central location gives you a sense that things are under control. Getting rid of the clutter increases our ability to focus on the current task at hand, thus increasing efficiency and decreasing stress.

3) It allows others to pick up where you left off.

If an emergency arises, task management tools are a great way for others to lend you a helping hand and keep your work moving forward. You can even assign tasks to coworkers and receive notifications when those tasks are completed. Task management tools keep team members accountable.

4) It goes with you everywhere.

If you lose your sheet of paper or don’t have room to pack your 8.5x11 planner on your next trip, no worries! Many task management tools have apps that you can access electronically. It’s impossible to misplace it or lose it.

5) It’s FUN!

Who doesn’t love checking tasks off the list? Task management tools can quantify your productivity, remind you of your accomplishments, and motivate you to work efficiently. Customize them to your favorite colors, organize the lists inside of lists, and structure it the way your brain works best.

While there are many options out there, two of the tools we highly recommend are ToDoIst and Redbooth. If you’re an Outlook user and prefer to keep your accounts in one place, you can try Outlook Tasks as well. We’d love to help you choose and setup the task manager that best suits your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about these tools or any other services we provide through small business consulting, contact us. We’d love to know what tools you use and what helps you stay organized!

Emily Kern


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