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ToDoIst: Account Review

If you’ve worked with me in any capacity over the last five years, you’ve heard me talk about ToDoIst. In fact, I’ve converted some of you to "ToDoIst users" - and for the rest of you who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, this post is for you!

ToDoIst is a task management tool that allows users to make lists of lists, so to speak. Unlike many task management tools that only offer a free trial followed by a monthly fee, ToDoIst has a completely free version that has all of the functionality I need to run my business and stay organized. For anyone trying to manage multiple projects, clients, and responsibilities (all of us), ToDoIst is what you need. Here’s why.

It’s simple.

A task management solution should not require hours of training for you to know how to use it. The more complicated task managers are, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to maintain them long term. And what’s the point of a task management tool that can’t be maintained? If you can’t add a task in 2-3 clicks or less, you won’t add it. ToDoIst makes it easy!

It’s cloud-based.

With an app and a web version that sync, you’ll never lose the tasks. No more master-word-doc-on-the-desktop or post-it notes, please! I’m a huge fan of day planners and handwritten lists, but once you reach a certain number of to do’s those lists become unmanageable. If you’re at the point where paper-and-pencil doesn’t cut it, this is a great option.

It’s user-friendly.

You make lists (or “projects”), you add tasks to the lists, you assign them a due date, and that’s it. You can also add recurring tasks. For example, if you need to reconcile your business bank account on the first of every month, set up a task and make the due date “the 1st of every month.” That task will then reappear in your To Do list for “Today” on the 1st. ToDoIst was clearly designed with the busy bee in mind, and its intuitive design makes it a seamless integration into your daily life.

It provides team visibility.

If you decide to have your whole small business team use ToDoIst, there is additional functionality for assigning tasks to other people on your team. You can have some lists that are private, and some lists that are shared. For example, you may share a “General / Administrative” task list with your front desk staff that will notify them any time you assign them a new task. You can opt to receive an email when they “check off” a task, so that you know in real time when it was completed.

It’s not overwhelming to look at.

By default, I’m only shown the tasks I need to complete TODAY. Even if you have 200 tasks divided over 17 projects, you can view your tasks for the day on one simple dashboard screen that doesn’t send you into panic mode about everything you need to do! If I choose, I can also look at upcoming tasks to better plan my week.

If you have questions about ToDoIst, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! In the meantime, we’ll be working down our task lists and gaining the satisfaction that comes from checking the boxes, one task at a time.

Disclaimer: This review is in no way affiliated with ToDoIst. ToDoIst has not sponsored this post; it is strictly a review from a happy user!

Emily Kern


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